• The Fresco Technique - The technique of wall painting known as Fresco called for the application of colour onto plaster. Two methods are available, and buon fresco (good fresco). and 'fresco secco' (dry fresco). Below is an example by Giotto an artist of the Florentine School.
  • Mixing Greens, Part II - For most artists the mixing of colour is pure guess work – trial and error and more often than not, error! Our colour Mixing Palette, together with an understanding of what actually happens when colours are mixed, has enabled countless
  • Mixing Greens, Part I - Whenever I give a demonstration of colour mixing I ask my audience where they experience the main difficulty. The answer is invariably the same – mixing greens. This is because we are very sensitive to green visually and also require
  • Leisure Painter Article - Market Link Art Materials, Reports, Trade News and Comment Compiled by Ingrid Lyon Leisure Painter Magazine ´┐╝Report: Paints from Michael Wilcox School of Colour I have been asked to produce a test report on a rather special range of paints
  • Colours in Nature -     The schemes of nature are usually quite simple. In this example, violet-red plus green, together with their mixes and influence from the light provide the full picture. This simplicity can be adopted when it comes to the selection
  • Did You know? - Did You Know? – Mummy The most grisly material used in the preparation of artist's materials must surely be that of ground up human remains. Mummies were imported into Europe and ground into a pigment which gave a deep transparent