Our Philosophy

the_colour_bias_wheel_smallThe School of Colour was established in order to remove much of the confusion which surrounds this elusive subject. Vast numbers use colour in their work and recreation, yet we rely on information which is often outdated and inaccurate.

The ‘three primary system’ for example, was invented in the late 1700s and has been causing confusion to those mixing colour ever since. In 1986 we invented and published the ‘Split Primary System’ as the first accurate guide to colour mixing. This was incorporated into our ‘Colour Bias Wheel’.

Our ideas on colour harmony and contrast also rely heavily on the past, leading to a situation where few using colour do so with confidence. Ever since we allowed the ‘Colour Man’ to produce our paints we have moved away from a clear understanding of our materials and use expensive colorants which often fade or darken. It is easy to see why such confusion exists and is added to year by year. The artist, craft-worker and others who use colour need to get on with their creative work; they simply do not have the time to sort out fact from fiction.

We have made that time available and have carried out detailed research over many years. By attempting to bring art and science together again we hope to remove the many myths and confusions which surround the subject and replace them with sound information. The first time that art and science came together led to the Renaissance, the second time to the Impressionist era. What amazing work could come from a third and long overdue meeting?


Michael Wilcox