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artist_cd2Please be aware that the CD does not work with Mac OS X Lion and Yosemite or with Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Artist Colour Solutions

Featuring all of the images in the book Colour Harmony and Contrast for the Artist,  this CD-Rom allows you to see exactly which colours were used to create masterpieces throughout art history. The programme allows the user to 'flick through' works of art arranged according to colour scheme. A colour arrangement which appeals can be selected and the colours experimented with using a simple painting tool.

Discover which colour schemes worked for particular paintings – see how those exact colours can be mixed and plan the colours for your next painting before opening a tube of paint. Use the colour swatches throughout the CD-Rom to see how to recreate colour. It should be born in mind that the program is not intended for use in producing a finished 'painting' ready for print.

Stage 3 of the process involves the 'planning' of a balanced and harmonious range of colours suitable for a painting. The arrangements should be put together in a 'loose' and informal way. If they look good together you have the basis for a successful painting. Fully Interactive Program campatible with Windows and Apple Macintosh Operating Systems. 

Please be aware that the CD does not work with the latest Mac OS X Lion and Yosemite. 


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