Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green


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Translated in many languages, this book has become the best selling art book of all time!


By understanding what really does happen when colours are mixed, you will be able to master colour mixing once and for all, and in a very short time. This new look at colour mixing is applicable to oils, acrylics, watercolour, gouache, pastels, coloured pencils, silk screen inks, textile inks and all arts and crafts which involve the use of colour. 

In the book, "Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green", I have attempted to offer a total reassessment of the principles underlying colour mixing. It is, I believe, the first major break away from the traditional and limited concepts that have caused artists and others who work with colour so many problems.

By unraveling the many ambiguities and myths inherent in the established way of working, I have attempted to transform colour mixing from a haphazard affair into a thinking process. Allows reader to find out what really happens when colours are mixed. 200 Pages, full colour, soft bound. 


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