Mini Course: Depicting the Colours in Trees & Bushes


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The book "Depicting the Colours in Trees and Bushes" is Out of Stock. You may order this Mini Course but it is only available without the book. 
As children we tend to believe that tree trunks are brown and leaves are green – and paint them that way. If we later take up art we soon realise that this approach is far too limiting. In this mini course we show you how to mix and apply a wide range of colours to depict trees of all shapes and sizes and in all seasons. 

Based on the book Depicting the Colours in Trees and Bushes. An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide towards accurate colour mixing and use.Mix the varied hues of trees and bushes, quickly and accurately. A must for the landscape artist.

The 'mini' courses provide a series of exercises based on the paintings in our Colour Notes series. The exercises are completed following detailed information in each book. Each finished exercise becomes a painting in its own right and builds into a full colour mixing reference. This is definitely NOT a 'painting by numbers' approach but a program designed to teach colour mixing and use through practical exercises.

The mini course is presented in an attractive presentation binder with protective translucent sleeves and consists of: Exercise sheets printed on 140 lb acid/free watercolour paper or acid/free textured oil painting paper. A printed laminated practice mixing palette and full instructions.

The mini course is available in two versions: 

  • For watercolours, gouache and thinly applied acrylics
  • For oils or heavily applied acrylics

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